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Socail media sharing is most important for every blogger . And there are many popular social sites available like twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, etc. They all are very popular for increase blog/sites availability in market. Many social plugin out there some are much useful than any other. previously a research proof that social media sharing increase site availability more than 7 times. lets go to the main point.

Here, you will find twitter follow box that is similar to facebook like box

This plugin is free for everyone and it is available in

WP Twitter Mega Fan Box Widget:

It helps wordpress developers / site owners to add facebook like box style widget for twitter. In this beta version, WP Twitter Mega Fan Box Widget supports following options.

  1. Settings page accepts your twitter username
  2. Width and height of widget can be changed based on your theme size
  3. Background color and text color of almost all fields can be changed
  4. Footer link can be customized
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Twitter Like Box – Like facebook box but for twitter:

Display your Twitter followers anywhere in the site or use the widget to display it on the sidebar.Like Faebook’s Like Box show your followers and a button to follow you. Also you can display people YOU follow instead of followers by simple changing settings on the widget. Colors are also editable in the admin settings page.

To call the Twitter like box anyplace on your theme use:

<?php twitter_like_box($username='chifliiiii') ?>

Also you can change the total users to display and show users you follow by applying false to show followers

<?php twitter_like_box($username='chifliiiii', $total=25, $show_followers = 'false') ?>

Also you can call the widget in any page by using shortcodes:

[TLB username=”chifliiiii” total=”33″ width=”50%”]

This plugin dont use cron jobs or anything that will overload your server like other plugins. It uses the new functions of wordpress (transient API) to cache results for 6 hours instead of query Twitter every time that a page is refreshed or visited on your site

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