Disqus Conditional Load : Speed Up Your Disqus Commenting System

If you’r using a disqus commenting system in your wordpress website or blog, you might have noticed that your pages loading slowly with disqus commenting system. This is loading more because will load it’s script unnecessarily on all posts and pages. It’s affect on your website to drive more traffic from search engine.

Here, I will introduce a plugin “Disqus Conditional Load” which will be use to load disqus comments only when needed. That means only when user do some activity like scroll page from upper to comment section in which it says something like “Load Comment” Disqus comments will be loaded. And If a user do not want to see comments than it will not be loaded. It help to speed up your site performance overally.

How To Install & Setup Disqus Conditional Load:

WordPress › Disqus Conditional Load « WordPress Plugins

  1. Upload “Disqus Conditional Load” plug-in zip file from wordpress.(Plugins>>Add New>>Upload)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress(Plugins>>Installed Plugins)
  3. You will see a menu “JS Settings” in admin menu. Click on it
  4. Choose whether to load comments on Button Click or Scrolling
  5. Give your disqus username for the website (Please ensure you are giving correct username, unless it may not load proper comments)
  6. Save it by clicking on “Update Settingd”.
  7. Ensure that you have not enabled comments while creating posts and pages. If you enable Disqus may load automatically.

Note : Inorder to this plug-in work Disqus comments should be activated and comments should be disabled in posts and pages.

Download Disqus Conditional Load