How To Write Comment Policy Above Comment Form

Want to make comment policy which must be follow by your loyal readers before commenting on your article? We all know we are getting lots of spam comment daily. In which some commentors does not used original name OR they comment without reading a post OR promote their website from backlink without doing genuine comment. If you’re planning to reduce spam comment in your blog / website. It can be reduce by showing comment policy before comment form which must be follow by user to get comment accepted.

comment policy


  • It reduce spam comment.
  • User must be follow before comment.
  • Reading an article carefully before comment.
  • Used Real name.

Adding a comment policy above comment form is easy with wordpress. Question is how to add it? It is so easy because of many wordpress plugin developed daily and wordpress support one more fantastic plugin to add comment policy above comment form. In which you can install this wordpress plugin > Go to plugin setting> check box in which you want your comment policy enable > Write comment policy in textbox> And finally save it.


comment policy setting

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