Best WordPress Donation Plugin Ever For Your Organization

If you’re running a organization and want to get some donation than it’s great to do with your wordpress site. Donation plugin enables you to get donation from your visitor. It is so simple to configure this plugin. you can start receiving donation vai paypal account.

This plugin is premium and provide full documentation to configure.

WordPress Donation Plugin:

Easy WordPress Donations:

donation,donation plugin

Easy WordPress Donations is a plugin that adds a whole donations process to your WordPress install. It’s very simple to use and you can configure many options! The main idea with this plugin is to easily and quickly set up a system that enable donations on a website: with just two shortcodes, you can start receiving money via PayPal.

Details & Download

5sec PayPal Buttons:

5sec,donation plugin

  • 40+ button images
  • buy, donate and subscribe functionality
  • custom buttons with changeable price tags.
  • GUI shortcode editor.
  • works with any type of PayPal account
  • super easy to use and setup
  • famous 5sec concept
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