Easy Digital Download With Affiliate In WordPress

There are lot’s of plugin available for easy digital download. But one way you can increase your product sale by allowing your user to make money from you. And you will also get benefit from this too.

Easy digital download plugins allows you to enable user to download the file from your website. But you can also put an option for download with affiliate for increasing your product sell.

EDD Checkout Referrals,Download With Affiliate


EDD Checkout Referrals plugins allows a customer to select an affiliate at checkout to receive commission from their purchase. It’s especially useful for sites whose affiliates are NPO (Nonprofit organizations). A customer can select the NPO from checkout, and that NPO will receive a commission on the sale. If an affiliate link is already being tracked (Eg /?ref=123, the affiliate list is not shown at checkout.

This plugins requires to more plugins to work which is  AffiliateWP & Easy Digital Downloads.

Feature By EDD Checkout Referrals-(Download With Affiliate):

  1. Shows a select menu at checkout (but only when a referral link is not used) that allows a customer to select an affiliate that their purchase will be credited to.
  2. Adds a payment note to the EDD receipt showing the referral ID, amount recorded for affiliate, and affiliate’s name
  3. Allows a customer to search through the affiliate list at checkout
  4. Optionally require that the customer select an affiliate at checkout
  5. Select how the Affiliate’s should be displayed in the select menu
  6. Select what text is shown above the select menu at checkout
Details & Download