(Google) Url Shortener For WordPress Dashboard (Google url) shortener plugins allows you to create a shorter url for you. It create a short url for your post. You can create url shorter in your own wordpress dashboard. And it’s also allows you to monetize how much click is given by that url. Here are two plugin which will create a short url for you to track from your own wordpress dashboard. (Google) URL Shortener Plugins: url shortener,google,wordpress,


Use Google’s URL Shortener to create, track or analyze your custom URL.

Bring the power and reliable URL shortner from to your dashboard. This plugin will let you to create shortened URL from administrator dashboard. Each shortened URL will be updated daily and you can analyze it by total clicks, referrer sites, user browsers, operating system platforms and user countries.

Key Features & Options

  • Create as many shortened URL from your dashboard.
  • No authentication needed.
  • Analytic reports including total clicks, referrers, browsers, platforms and countries.
  • Updates daily, or use your own schedule.
  • Google graphs visualization.
Details & Download

Uses Google’s URL shortener ( to create short links for your WordPress posts and track analytics.

Google has launched a URL Shortener API ( – one of the fastest and most reliable URL shortners out there. This plugin creates short URLs for your posts, which then could be retrieved using the “Get Shortlink” button in your admin UI or thewp_get_shortlink()¬†WordPress function. analytics also available!

Details & Download