3 Best Premium WordPress Backup Plugins To Secure Your Data

If you are using wordpress then you know how important is to take backup of your wordpress blog. Nowaday thousands of website hacked daily and result into lose of data- like hacker delete entire content, server error,etc.. There are soo many ways to secure your important data in which regular (daily) backup is one of the best way among others. There are many premium and free plugin available to get daily or regular backup which is useful for backup your whole data. Premium plugin provide more features compare to free backup plugin. If you earn from your website, Then it’s probably most important to take your whole backup with premium plugn.

Premium WordPress Backup Plugins:



Database or Full Backups : Run database backups for quick, small, frequent backups or run complete backups to get all your images, themes, plugins and everything else to a safe place.

Offsite Storage : Send your backups (individually or on a schedule) to offsite storage destinations like BackupBuddy Stash (our custom backup storage location), Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP or email. If your site goes down, you don’t want your backup stored on that same server.

Schedule Backups : Schedule backups so you don’t need to remember to make backups every day, week or month. You can also set the schedule to send your backups to any of your offsite storage destinations automatically.

BackupBuddy Stash Storage : We built BackupBuddy Stash specifically for storing and managing your BackupBuddy backups so you can manage backups for all of your sites in one central location.

Exclude Files & Tables : Choose which files (or tables) to exclude from your backups. This is helpful if you have a folder with lots of high-res images or videos that you don’t want to back up every time.

Backup Profiles : Create custom backup profiles for backups to use their own settings and file exclusions.

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WordPress Backup & Clone Master:


WordPress Backup & Clone Master is an all-in-one solution for WordPress backup, restoration, cloning, and migration. The plugin helps you manage the above processes in a secure, easy, and reliable way on a scheduled or on-demand basis.

Features By Backup & Clone Master

  •  Create full WordPress backups, including content, settings, themes, and plugins
  •  Download backup to your computer in a ZIP or TAR file
  •  Schedule daily / weekly / monthly backups to be updated on your server
  •  Define how many backups should be stored on the server
  •  Auto upload backups to your Dropbox
  •  Auto store backups directly to Google Drive
  •  Send regular backups to your email address
  •  Restore any backup in one click
  •  Clone your whole site to a different domain
  •  Create a new database on a remote server directly from the plugin
  •  Clone your settings, themes, and plugins to a different WP site
  •  Migrate your site to a new host
  •  Works on any hosting environment
  •  Works with WordPress Network (Multisite)
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BackWPup Pro:


BackWPup is your Must Have WordPress plugin. More than 60.000 people can’t be wrong. With BackWPup Pro you schedule automatic backups for your WordPress installation. You decide which content will be stored where and when. BackWPup Pro is the All-in-One backup solution for WordPress!

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